$1,000 Giveaway: Instructions!


Need some extra cash this Holiday Season? FINAFLEX is giving away $1,000 every week of December to celebrate the hugely successful launch of the OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE in Walmart! FINAFLEX appreciates the tremendous amount of support customers are giving us by purchasing one of the 4 flavors of the 4 Pack of the OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE found in the Pharmacy section of your local Walmart. Starting Saturday November 28th if you buy the OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE at Walmart save your receipt and enter for your chance to win $1,000 (proof of purchase required).

Here are the steps to enter!

#1: Buy the OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE 4 Pack at your local Walmart.

#2: Take a picture of your entire Walmart receipt that includes the date stamp and the receipt number. Make the OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE is listed as a purchased item! It must be clearly legible.

#3: Go here to fill out the Official Contest Entry Form. Follow all steps to ensure your entry is submitted correctly. You MUST upload a picture of your Walmart receipt. (We would also appreciate it if you upload a selfie of yourself with the OATMEAL PROTEIN PIE (not required))

#4: All information fields marked with an “*” must be completed in order to be eligible.

#5: Make sure to include the last 4 digits of your receipt number, which can be found near the bottom of the receipt.

#6: Submit the form to enter for your chance to win! Each week, we will choose one lucky winner, and contact them via email to get them their $1,000. If you are chosen, you will receive a special feature on all FINAFLEX social media accounts.

Disclaimer: One winner is chosen per week. All submitted photos are property of FINAFLEX. Winners are subject to publication on all social media platforms. Must fulfill entry requirements in their entirety in order to be eligible for choice. Incorrect or incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified. For full rules and regulations, please read here.

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