For a long time, healthy food has stayed an elusive commodity that’s never quite as readily available as we’d like it to be. Unfortunately, that leaves many consumers choosing between affordability, convenience, and nutrition. Lately, the healthy snack industry has become increasingly versatile, offering new options that attempt to combine those three factors. 

Now, you might have walked past the Oatmeal Protein Pie in the Performance Nutrition aisle near the Pharmacy section of the store, but how much do you actually know about it?

Here are some of the reasons why we’re so happy to be partnering with Walmart:

Making healthy food easier to get: 

Many people may want to eat healthier, but don’t know where to start. The Pie makes it easy. You can get 15gs of protein in without having to cook a thing, it’s all built it. It makes getting your nutrients in a breeze. We wanted it to be available right where you do the rest of your shopping, so it wouldn't require a separate trip for you. That’s why Walmart is the perfect place to stock the Oatmeal Protein Pie!

Healthy food isn’t just for supplement retailers and expensive urban grocery stores, it’s available right at WALMART! FINAFLEX is committed to making our snacks available to YOU, yes you. We think that everyone deserves access to affordable healthy food. That means putting our revolutionary product in the most accessible locations that we can. Throw the Pie into your Walmart cart during your next routine grocery run, it couldn’t be simpler! 

Cut down on mindless snacking:

Walmart is an absolute maze of snacks, and when you’re hungry, it can be hard to make healthy choices. This is exactly why filling up on healthy and nutrient rich foods is so important. The Oatmeal Protein Pie has 12 grams of fiber, meaning that it keeps you full and satisfied for hours on end. The Oatmeal protein Pie acts as a stark contrast to the other unsavory choices that are available as mass grocers. We wanted to give shoppers a better option, and it’s finally here!

Now, the Oatmeal Protein Pie can be picked up in-store, online, or through curbside pickup options! Check your local Walmart, and even if your location doesn’t have them, you can get these healthy snacks online here!

Walmart carries 4 delicious flavors. Choose from Original Marshmallow, Double Chocolate Chip, Awesome Apple Pie, and Krazy Key Lime Pie!

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