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Get A FREE 4-PACK When You Make a Facebook Community Group about the Pie!

We want to show our appreciation for all of your support! When you make a Facebook Post in  community group about why you love the Oatmeal Protein Pie, we'll give you a code for A FREE 4-PACK!

#1 - Login to your Facebook account.
#2 - Navigate to https://www.facebook.com/groups/

#3 - If you are part of any Groups currently they will be displayed on the left hand side of the page under "Groups You're In". If you aren't a part of any groups there will be a list of groups Suggested for You and Friends' Groups which are groups your friends are in. 

#5: Go to one of your Facebook Groups. This can be a community group, a hobby group, or an interest themed group. 

#6: Write a post about the amazing Oatmeal Protein Pie, attaching your favorite picture of it!

#7: Use the hashtag #TryThePie and #OatmealProteinPie 

#8: Press "post"!

#9: Take a screenshot of the published post in the feed of the group page.

#10: Email a screenshot of your published post to freepie@finaflex.com

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