Most people want to be in great shape. However, when it comes to the choice of developing the “lean muscle look” versus the “bulky muscle look”, people have very strong opinions. While there is a genetic factor about the way your muscles will look when you build them, the specific exercises you do as well as your diet can influence whether they will be lean or stacked.

Body Types

The three main body types are mesomorphs, endomorphs, and ectomorphs. Mesomorphs are easygainers which means that their generally hard strong body responds well to exercise by easily packing on muscle. Endomorphs have a slower metabolism and tend to gain fat and muscle easily, though they tend to be less defined. Ectomorphs have a slim and tall body build and they are hardgainers which means that it is difficult for them to grow muscles so they tend to develop leaner and more toned looking musculature.

Build Lean Muscle

In order to get stronger without the bulk, it is recommended to repeat low resistance exercises along with cardio to reduce the amount of overall fat in the body. The result is an overall toned look to the muscles. Avoid high intensity training that is more explosive and stick to less intense workouts such as running or biking. The goal of the lean muscle diet is to keep the fat off. It is therefore recommended diet to eat a small meal every 2-3 hours that has a non-fatty source of protein, a complex carbohydrate, and fresh vegetables and fruit. It is wise to avoid sugary foods unless they have a low glycemic index.


Build Bulky Muscle

In order to pack on those muscles it is recommended to do shorter spurts of high resistance exercise. It is important to do strength training at least twice a week and to alternate between the muscle groups so that they all grow. Muscles usually need a day or two to recover after an intense workout, however you can recover faster and increase your gains by taking PURE AMINO 5000. cites three types of bulking: clean, regular, and dirty. Choosing between which is the best for you is largely dependent on your body type. Ectomorphs should go the dirty rout and eat about 500 calories about every two hours. Doing dirty bulking means that burgers and pizza are on the menu, as well eggs, steak, peanut butter, cheese, tuna and other high calorie proteins. Mesomorphs should go for the regular bulking diet and eat the typical lean proteins as well as cheese, peanut butter, and steak. They should eat about every two hours as well. Endomorphs should stick to the clean bulk and eat lean proteins, complex carbs, and low fat yoghurt and milk.

Foods to Avoid

Regardless of the muscle look you’re going for, to maximize your gains and reach your goals it is best to avoid sweets, soda, fast food, juice, and simple carbohydrates.

The Science Behind Lifting Weights

In order to increase the neural drive to the muscles you will have to focus on heavy weights. It is important to understand that strength is not linked to muscles solely rather it is the neuromuscular system that gives you the strength. For this you need to gain more muscle fibers in a particular area and increase the shooting of motor neurons. Lifting heavy weights will help to recruit more motor units thereby increasing your strength. No matter what body type you are and what type of musculature you are aiming for, it is important to supplement with a clean protein like CLEAR PROTEIN Try this product to give your muscles the food they need to grow. Now that you have the tools you can get out there and get the body you want. Trust FINAFLEX to Redefine Yourself!

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