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VoyageATL Magazine Features President Bryan Krause

You may have heard all about our amazing healthy snacks and supplements, but how much do you REALLY know about FINAFLEX? Well, VOYAGE ATL, an Atlanta-based magazine wanted to share our incredible story with the world by featuring our President, Bryan, in their series of Inspiring Atlanta figures. 

As a minority owned, local business FINAFLEX was built from the ground up by our President Bryan Krause, and our CEO Kyung Kim. Since 2008, FINAFLEX and our founders have been working tirelessly to build a brand that delivers the best healthy snacks and supplements in the game. 

We are so excited to share more about our story and how we got to where we are today, so we were thrilled to sit down with Voyage and tell them more about us and how we do what we do. 


It's time to get to know the faces behind our products! Check out the VOYAGE article to learn a little bit more about the spirit that built this international powerhouse!

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