Whey isn’t just for bodybuilders anymore.

With all of the incredible benefits, you should think about adding a whey protein shake to your routine. Whether you are a busy business professional looking to pack on lean muscle, or a swamped mom trying to lose weight, look no further than whey.

Not all whey supplements are created equal. CLEAR PROTEIN is a complete blend with no fillers and contains a special 5 phase formula so you can easily absorb the protein.</p>

Lose Fat But Keep Muscle

When you reduce caloric intake to lose weight there is a danger of losing muscle along with it. Researchers at MARC did a 12 week double blind study to test their theory about caloric constriction and whey protein.

Everyone in the group reduced their calories by 500. One group was given two protein drinks a day and the other group was given a 2 drinks at the same time that had a similar calorie count. They discovered at the end of the trial that the protein drinkers lost more fat and also better maintained their muscle (1).

Feel Less Hungry

Find yourself mindlessly crunching on unhealthy snacks? The American Society for Clinical Nutrition discovered that a high protein diet decreases the hormone that tells your brain that you’re hungry. (2) Further research by an Australian group on obese men found that the ones who drank whey decreased their hungry hormone for up to 4 hours! (3)

Supplementing with a whey shake can promote healthier eating habits and get you losing weight. CLEAR PROTEIN tastes incredible, and it is packed with the whey that will help you eat less and lose weight.

Increase Muscle Strength and Size

If you’re putting extra effort at the gym you want to maximize your gains. The Military Nutrition Division did at review at USARIEM to figure out if protein supplementation actually makes a difference. They discovered that the right level of training and proper amount protein supplementation can help you increase your muscle mass and strength.(4) Make sure you drink your whey protein shake before and after your workout. With CLEAR PROTEIN you can save time because it easily mixes into a shake or any liquid base.

Improves Mood and Stress Response

Work stressing you out? Instead of that post-work beer, grab a whey shake instead. Supplementing with whey decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases serotonin, the neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness. This combinations helps to fight off symptoms of stress and avoid depression.

People who are constantly in high stress situations often experience a weakening of their cognition. Researchers in the Netherlands did a placebo-controlled crossover study. They discovered that if chronically high stress individuals supplemented with whey, it promoted and improved their cognitive performance. (5) Make the smart decision to get smarter and opt for a whey shake.

Love the health benefits of whey but don’t know which to chose?

There are lots of whey supplements out there and we know it can get confusing. FINAFLEX co-founders Bryan and Kyung even debated whether or not to create their own. In the end it was important for them to create an incredibly high quality whey supplement with no fillers. Just pure and clear protein to help you lose weight, gain muscle, or achieve any other whey related goal. .

Order CLEAR PROTEIN and see for yourself! Now in these delicious flavors: frosted churro, strawberry milkshake, vanilla cake batter, and chocolate milkshake.



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