KruzinLife Supplements

Ready to start Kruzin the Fasting Life? These supplements are a part of my everyday and need to be part of yours. Buy them here. Buy them somewhere else. Ask your family, friends, or coworkers if they have any of these in their pantry or medicine cabinet and ask them if you can have them. However you acquire these is irrelevant the bottom line is you need them. They are ranked by order of need.

If you are going to continue to LIVE and LOVE your LIFE - meaning continue to do the things that bring you JOY while you fast then these supplements are essential to your success. They are placed in order of importance on this page.

If you want to continue to workout and train then FASTING FUEL is the key.

If you are just getting started and want to focus on listening to your body and understanding the process then KETOTROPIN and ibuprofen or whatever you use to combat headaches will be the only 2 things you need. 

Let's get Kruzin this thing we call Life TOGETHER.  You got this!


Almost forgot,

use code KRUZINLIFE25 at Checkout to save 25% on purchases of $100 or more!

I have the products listed in the order of MUST HAVE to SHOULD HAVE. Any questions please send me an email - might take me a while to respond but I WILL.

- bkruz

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