Power Pie! Super Stacked Protein Snack

$ 14.95

Snackin' on the moon Just hits different

  • Packed With 14 Grams Of Protein
  • NON-GMO Verified!
  • Same Classic MoonPie® Taste!
Protein snacks aren’t just for gym bros anymore! The Power Pie is the perfect healthy alternative for anyone who could use a little more satiation from their snacks. Whether you’re hitting the gym, clocking in at the office, or trying to sneak more nutrition into your kids' school lunches, we could all use a little bit more protein in our lives.*


Inspired by the iconic MoonPie®, Power Pie™ is a milk chocolate covered, non-GMO, super stacked protein snack built with all-natural ingredients that sandwiches two soft & chewy cookies together with a creamy marshmallow filling, delivering 14 grams of FINAFLEX® protein in every deliciously powerful pie!*

This Super Stacked Protein Snack delivers a whopping 14 grams of high-quality protein, including some Whey Protein Isolate. The Power Pie is specifically formulated with this isolate in order to deliver an elevated protein experience with less of the dreaded bloating and sluggishness that comes with many lower-quality protein options.*



Whey Protein Isolate | 14g

...specifically processed to reduce fat and lactose content, which can help you maximize the nutritional value. By eliminating unnecessary components, this process leaves behind a purer form of concentrated protein that many people find easier to digest than other protein options.*

^ Chocolate

^ Vanilla


Genetic engineering not only pollutes your body with unnecessary chemicals and additives, but it also pollutes our earth. The excessive chemicals pumped into the soil and land used to cultivate genetically-modified foods can lead to increased erosion, deforestation, and air pollution. NON-GMO choices are not only the right choice for your body but also for the planet. FINAFLEX® decided to check the "alien" ingredients at the door and only choose Non-GMO options when building what will soon be the most popular protein snack in the galaxy.*

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