Since 2008, the Alpharetta based, minority owned supplement and snack company, FINAFLEX has been committed to revolutionizing the sports supplement and healthy snack industry. Within the past 5 years, they’ve unlocked a whole new level of healthy innovation: launching a globally distributed snack line, bringing their dietary supplement manufacturing process completely in-house, and partnering with power-house legacy brands such as MoonPie with their latest launch of the Power Pie. With all of this growth comes some exciting new opportunities, which is why they’ve chosen to acquire Purus (formerly Purus Labs), another supplement and snack brand, as their latest venture as a part of their 2023 brand expansion.

Purus Labs focuses on formulas that are systematically forged from science and research by real scientists and athletes. Always known for their cutting-edge and efficacious formulas, Purus products are supported by published, human scientific data. Founded in 2009 by Brandon Smith, Purus is currently run by President & CEO Shawn Moe who took the reins in 2019. Their commitment to high-quality and effective products is admired by FINAFLEX, who will continue to enforce these brand values after the merge.


Moe has a long-standing relationship with FINAFLEX founders Bryan Krause (President) and Kyung Kim (CEO), therefore Purus coming on board with FINAFLEX just made sense. The three business owners have aligned with their values, commitment to innovation, and readiness to take the necessary risks to succeed, allowing for a seamless transition. Moe, Kim, and Krause have arranged the acquisition in a way that allows the two brands to remain loyal to their respective channels and products, but the coupling will create opportunities for growth across both. Providing best-in-class service and products to customers worldwide remains the top priority across the teams.

Moe will continue to act as the CEO of Purus, but will also take on an additional role as an Executive Officer of FINAFLEX. Inversely, Kim will maintain the CEO position at FINAFLEX, but will acquire the role of Executive Officer of Purus Labs.


The same goes for the President, Krause, who will be adding the additional title of Purus Labs Executive Officer.

As a result of the success of the in-house manufacturing initiative that FINAFLEX embarked on in 2020, they’ve announced that the facility will be expanding in size and capacity by 50% for 2023, still based in Alpharetta, GA. This growth is mirrored by the expansion of the FINAFLEX sales team, who recently opened a second location in South Florida. This new Florida office will allow FINAFLEX to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their products, which is only expected to multiply with Purus Labs products being added to the channel.


With this acquisition, both brands are giving way to infinite chances for innovation, something that the team remains focused on. FINAFLEX and Purus Labs alike will be unveiling new refreshed packaging designs and revolutionary product launches in the upcoming year. Both the FINAFLEX and the Purus Labs teams are energized by the exciting upcoming changes, and are looking forward to continuing their impressive legacies alongside each other. Stay tuned for more details to come about sales channel and distribution updates!

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