Did you know that FINAFLEX manufactures all of our own supplements in-house? 

Good quality can be hard to find these days. When FINAFLEX started to manufacture their own products in 2020, we began the journey as a way to control our own destiny. We wanted to be able to control what we produced, when we produced it, and every detail in between. We set out to find the highest standards in the industry and exceed them. As of August 2022, we’ve done just that. FINAFLEX recently underwent a voluntary 3rd Party GMP Audit to prove how tight of a ship we run over here. We passed with flying colors and are now officially the proud bearers of UL’s National Brand Certification based on the following standards: Canada’s Natural Health Products, 21 CFR Part 111 and Natural Products Association GMPS for Dietary Supplements.

So why would we subject ourselves to such intense scrutiny? Well, we knew we could handle it. Most facilities shield themselves from prying eyes, but we welcome them! We invited a team of auditors who spent two full days analyzing our processes in order to ensure that we were worthy of their certification. When it comes to the supplements that you’re putting into your body, we think you deserve the best. We are confident in our facilities procedures and standards, but you don’t have to take our word for it, because UL came in and confirmed it for us with their audit procedures.

We wanted every customer who uses our supplements to feel certain about our high quality, purity, and sanitation standards that went into making them. So, we got the paperwork to prove it! The FINAFLEX Quality Control Team worked tirelessly alongside the Production Team and Company Executives to establish unparalleled documentation, testing, safety, and maintenance standards.

Our customers deserve products that they can trust, and with these new certifications, we are proving that we can stand up to the task. When it comes to your daily supplements, how much do you REALLY know about their quality and production process? Chances are, not much since so many brands work hard to remain secretive about their procedures. FINAFLEX is an open book, and these certifications are the beginning of our latest chapter. Stay tuned for all the amazing updates that are soon to come.

Tested And Assured:

Every product that comes off of the production line at FINAFLEX goes through a strict testing regime before being approved for send-out. The first is FTIR testing. This process is to test the composition of the product in order to ensure its accuracy. The second testing process is called PCR testing, which tests the materials for potentially harmful microbials such as eColi, salmonella, yeast, mold, or staph, all of which a product must be free from before proceeding. Once a product passes these two testing procedures, it’s awarded with a COA (Certificate of Analysis) and only then can it be shipped out to our customers and retailers.

Farm To… Supplement?

We poured over every step of the manufacturing process in order to deliver the highest possible products. This includes diligent sourcing and tracing of our ingredients. Ever wondered where your daily fish oil came from? We could tell you the name of the fish! That might be a joke but our Animal Origin Specification Standards are no laughing matter. We carefully trace and document details such as the breed, age, and area of origin of the animals that we derive our ingredients from. 

Stopping Issues Before They Arise

Preventative Maintenance is a huge focus for our facility. This involves having strict procedures to perform regular maintenance with the intention that it will prevent machinery, sanitization, and quality issues from happening in the future. This type of diligence embodies the attitude that we have towards our production line. Our goal is to eliminate any potential threat to our high standards before it becomes an issue as opposed to dealing with it after.


FINAFLEX is a 3rd Party GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility. We produce all of our own supplements, in addition to producing products for other brands in our industry. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and production line adhere to the strict standards required to obtain these certifications.