FINAFLEX Is A Healthy Snack And Supplement Company Founded In 2008, Based Right Outside Of Atlanta, GA. We Are Committed To Industry Innovation And Deliver The Most Unique And Effective Snacks And Supplements In The Market. As A GMP Certified Manufacturer, We Are Able To Uphold The Highest Quality Standards In The Industry.


FINAFLEX starts with a story of two childhood best friends. Our founders Bryan Krause and Kyung Kim met in middle school, in their hometown of Fayetteville, right outside of Atlanta, GA. Little did those kids know that they had just met their lifelong best friend and business partner.

The two young boys quickly became close friends and fostered a strong bond that continued into their college years, when they both attended the University of Georgia as walk-on football players. Always interested in fitness and athletics, they broke into the supplement industry together shortly after graduating.

It all started with a simple supplement store called Xtreme Nutrition, in the back of this store was where FINAFLEX was born. It was officially founded in 2008, during what we now know to have been “The Great Recession”, a risky time to begin such an ambitious venture. With such economic uncertainty, the stakes were high, especially when amplified by what Bryan and Kyung were juggling at the time. Bryan was welcoming his first child, and Kyung was staying busy running multiple other businesses at the time. To embark on a new journey at the time was crazy, but just crazy enough to work.

FINAFLEX is named after our first product, which we initially thought would be our only product, but that mentality didn’t last long. We grew and developed our product line into the versatile and unique selection that you see today. We expanded into the healthy snack category, and have found international success with the supplements and snacks alike.

While you can imagine the hurdles they faced, Bryan and Kyung were able to grow FINAFLEX into what it is today by never settling and staying committed to their goal: bringing YOU the best quality products in the game.

Bryan and Kyung remain best friends to this day, continuing to run FINAFLEX together and find new opportunities to revolutionize the supplement and healthy snack industry. The same determination, ingenuity, and passion that led them to begin the journey continue to fuel them as we push forward into a new era of FINAFLEX.

What started as just two middle-school buddies playing Nintendo together has since blossomed into a lifelong commitment to helping you REDEFINE YOURSELF®!