Power Up At Your Local Walmart!

Walmart was the perfect placement for this product all along, because it allows us to bring this innovation to the masses. Everyone shops at Walmart, and everyone could use a little bit more protein in their diets so it’s perfect. If you’re someone who usually grabs MoonPies during your grocery hauls (guilty!), grab a box of Power Pies too next time around. Keep both around and see why FINAFLEX and MoonPie are such a perfect partnership. 


The Power Pie embodies one of the most fundamental principles of wellness: balance. You’re not always going to want to eat healthily, but you can’t indulge in your favorite sugary snacks 24/7, you have to be able to find something in the middle. Creating a balanced lifestyle allows you to stay on track with your health goals without feeling like you’re sacrificing too much. We get it, MoonPies are addictive. That’s why we wanted to make a companion snack that offered some of that same MoonPie satisfaction while giving you a boost of protein while you’re at it. Some nights, you finish off the entire box of MoonPies for dinner (we’ve all been there), but now, you have options. Any progress is good progress when it comes to healthy choices. 


If you’re an avid MoonPie fan like us, you know to always look for them in the cookie/on-the-go snack aisle of the grocery section, but that’s not where you’re going to find the Power Pie. After your trip to the snack section, take a stroll over to the Pharmacy section, where you’ll find a sports nutrition aisle. If you’re a protein-junky, you’re probably familiar with Walmart's wide array of protein snacks, and you might even see a familiar face. 

FINAFLEX is no stranger to Walmart shelves. In the fall of 2020, we celebrated the placement of our famous Oatmeal Protein Pies in the same sports nutrition aisle of over 1400 Walmart stores across the entire United States. Now, the Power Pie gets to join the ranks alongside it. You can find Power Pies at over 1300 Walmart locations. Give them a try and see why it’s being called “The Universe’s Most POWERFUL Protein Snack”!

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