What Is A Thermogenic Supplement?

If you’re into health and fitness, you might have heard a lot of hype about thermogenic supplements. They’re a popular option for both lifestyle fitness enthusiasts and fitness competitors alike. But how much do you ACTUALLY know about thermogenic supplements? Chances are, not much. Many supplement companies are ultra-secretive about what goes into their thermogenic, and with all the marketing buzz around them, it’s hard to differentiate between fact and myth. We think it’s time that you learn a little bit more about what a thermogenic does, how to take a thermo, and who should use these supplements!

The main use of thermogenic supplements tends to be for weight loss or fat burning. A thermogenic supplement is basically a supplement that is intended to boost your metabolism and encourage additional fat burning from your body. It makes sense, since the word thermogenic itself means “heat producing”. 

Sounds great, right? Yes, thermogenics can be effective and powerful tools for helping you to reach your fitness goals, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle. Remember, there is no magic weight loss pill that will melt away all your unwanted fat. Thermogenic supplements aren’t magic, just science. The specific ingredients in the thermo that you chose will have a great impact on its effectiveness for your unique body. These supplements are always intended to be used in combination with a healthy and active lifestyle, but they can help maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. 

What’s In A Thermogenic Supplement? 

The ingredients in a thermogenic supplement will vary from brand to brand and will depend on the form you take it in, but there are some common threads. Some of the most popular thermogenics rely on stimulants such as green tea, caffeine, or other plant extracts. Some might just focus on one of these ingredients, but many brands create their own blends to maximize the effectiveness. 

Make sure that if you’re trying out thermogenic supplements, you buy a high-quality one! Many lower-quality supplements are stuffed with cheap fillers that can not only dull the effectiveness but can even cause adverse effects such as bloating or headaches. The easiest way to make sure that you know exactly what’s in your supplements? Buy directly from a manufacturer. 

When you purchase a product directly from a manufacturer, you can feel safer knowing that your product went through the proper testing. You know that it’s not a counterfeit, which is all too common in the supplement industry. When assessing quality, a product from a GMP Certified facility is considered to be the gold standard, because they’ve had a 3rd party come in to confirm standards and procedures. Look for a supplement brand such as FINAFLEX that does in-house manufacturing in their own GMP Certified Production Facility. 

How Do Thermogenic Supplements Work?

Different brands follow different philosophies when it comes to how their products work, depending on the aforementioned ingredients that they utilize. One of the ways that you can create an effective thermogenic is through what’s called a COMT inhibitor. As an example, FINAFLEX’s signature blend for thermogenics is IRISIN XD. 

IRISIN XD is our unique blend of Green Tea Leaf Extract and Cocao Seed Extract. When the two combine, an enzymatic reaction occurs. When the body receives the Cocao Seed Extract, the body elicits a COM2 reaction that immediately tries to break down the extract and eliminate it. In the reaction triggered by IRISIN XD, the Green Tea Leaf Extract works as a COMT inhibitor. It protects the Cocao Seed Extract from the COM2 reaction attempting to break it down. This allows the benefits of the Cocao Seed Extract to be enhanced and prolonged. 

This is just one of the many ways that thermogenics can work. The most common method is to rely on the stimulants in the supplement to “speed up” your body’s natural processes in order to allow the body to burn calorie reserves more effectively. This might be in the form of caffeine or another stimulant. Stimulants such as caffeine can help you burn more calories, but they also have an appetite suppression effect that can cut down on needless snacks and curb cravings in their tracks. 

Who Should Use Thermogenic Supplements?

Every person's body is unique, and different supplements will provide different results for everyone. In general, thermogenic supplements should only be used by healthy adults who do not have any pre-existing conditions or sensitivity to stimulants. If you want to know whether or not a supplement is safe in your particular case, we always recommend consulting your healthcare professionals to get more specialized advice. 

Where to Buy Thermogenic Supplements?

Thermogenic supplements can be found just about everywhere you’d shop for supplements, but you have to be cautious. Many online or third-party retailers have been plagued with lower-quality products and even counterfeits, so we recommend buying directly from the manufacturer. Buying direct from a company that produces in-house, such as FINAFLEX eliminates these risks and allows you to have more confidence in the quality of your purchase. 

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