Microwave Protein Mug Cake

The holidays are here! That means lots and lots of sweets and desserts. It can be hard to find options that are aligned with your health and fitness goals around this time of year. That’s why we’re seeking to provide easy, protein-packed options to make your health journey just a little bit easier. You don’t need fancy kitchen equipment to make this easy macro-friendly cake! All you need is a mug and a microwave. That’s right, this cake is made in the microwave, you don’t even have to fuss with the oven! It’s also single serving, meaning that you won’t have a leftover cake sitting around to tempt you. You don’t even have to share this one, you can have it all for yourself! 

Best of all? This cake is actually good for your macro goals. Each serving packs a whopping 25 grams of high-quality protein. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or just generally eat healthily, protein is an important component in everyone's diet. Plus, we could all probably use a little bit more of it anyways. Adding protein to indulgent recipes like this is a great way to increase the satiation factor of a dish. Protein helps you feel fuller after eating and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. You’ll feel more satisfied, and it’ll stop you from getting those cravings just a few hours later.

Ready To Redefine Your Midnight Snack? Let’s Get Started On This Easy Microwave Protein Mug Cake!

What You’ll Need (Ingredients): 

3 tbsp of all-purpose or oat flour
1 scoop FINAFLEX Clear Protein (We used Double Chocolate)
1 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/4 cup milk
1 handful of mini chocolate chips (optional)

The ingredients are fairly simple, we wouldn’t be surprised if these were all things you already had laying around your kitchen! Now it’s time to take these pantry staples and make something magical with them! Time to get cooking!

How To Make (Instructions)

The preparation for this Microwave Protein Mug Cake couldn’t be easier. There are only a few simple steps, anyone can make it.

  • Combine all of the ingredients into your mug. Make sure you choose a mug that had enough room left on top for the cake to rise, you don’t want it spilling      over while cooking! A ramekin will also work for this. Mix until all the ingredients come together into a smooth homogenous batter. 
  • Take your batter and put it in the microwave. Cook it on high until you see it has fully risen. The exact cook time will depend on your microwave wattage, but it will hover somewhere between 45-80 seconds. This process happens quick, so make sure to keep an eye on it.
  • Take your delicious cake out of the microwave and ENJOY! Careful though, it will be HOT! As an optional treat, you can top this cake with whipped cream or icing of your choosing, we still love it plain though!

That’s it! We promised that this recipe would be easy and we delivered on that promise. Combining just a few pantry staples and less than 2 minutes of cook time will yield the most chocolatey, delicious dessert that won’t mess with your health and fitness goals. It’s a great alternative to the less wholesome alternatives you’re going to be seeing plenty of during the holiday season.

There are tons of mug cake recipes out there, even protein ones. What makes this recipe the best of them all? It’s our super high-quality protein powder. FINAFLEX Clear protein is the absolute smoothest, tastiest, just plain BEST protein powder out there. We produce it in-house in our 3rd Party GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility, so we can oversee every single step of the formulation production, and uphold our sky-high standards. Your body deserves the best, and that’s what FINAFLEX is here to provide. It’s quality that you can actually TASTE! See what the difference is and try our world-famous Clear Protein for yourself!