Which Weight Loss Products Are Right For YOU?

Springtime is here! For many, this is around the time of the year when people start getting SERIOUS about their summertime physique goals. Some of us are trying to slim down for the beach, some are trying to train to finally cement that six pack, and some are just trying to stay healthy and manage their weight.

No matter what type of weight loss goals you have, there are SO many products on the market that will claim extreme, magical results. We’re not one of those companies, we’re not trying to fool anyone with false promises or scams. FINAFLEX is here to help with your weight loss goals by manufacturing and distribution products with real, scientifically backed formulas that can benefit you along your journey. Keep reading to hear all about our extensive catalog of weight loss products and figure out which one is perfect for you!

Our Unique IRISIN XD Component

Many of our weight loss products are powered by our unique, trademarked ingredient blend, IRISIN XD. This blend combines the power of Green Tea Leaf Extract and Cocoa Seed Extract.

While Cocoa Seed Extract and Green Tea Leaf extract have incredible benefits on their own, they are only strengthened by each other in our famous IRISIN XD blend. In IRISIN XD, the Green Tea Extract acts as a COMT inhibitor for the Beta-2 Agonist in the Cacao Seed Extract, creating a perfect storm maximizing the delivery of the Beta-2 to the body which increases results!

The Best Weight Loss Supplements In The Industry!

Let’s take a closer look at the best fat burner and the best pre-workout in the game, along with some of our other insane weight loss products that you might want to grab during our exclusive SPRING BUNDLE EVENT!

Our Best-Selling Fat Burner: PX

You might have already heard of our best seller: PX, it is world famous after all! PX Pro Xanthine is a powerful thermogenic weight loss supplement that works best when combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet. It contains a proprietary blend of clinically proven ingredients, including caffeine, green tea extract, and Hordenine HCL. There are no artificial sweeteners or fillers - just ingredients that help you lose weight fast. The bottom line is that it works! With over 600 5 star ratings, the people have spoken and they LOVE PX.

PX got a new companion recently, with our fresh revival of PX HARDCORE! FINAFLEX PX HARDCORE is an Xtreme Super Thermogenic designed to promote energy and thermogenesis throughout the day! Built with a blend of exotic natural stimulants, PX HARDCORE supports extreme clean energy for hours, making it the perfect option for anyone trying to lose weight and see HARDCORE results!* It’s equally great both in the gym, and outside of it!

For The Fitness Fanatic: INCINR8 HARDCORE

If the gym is your perferred method of weight loss, you’ve got to try our INCINR8 HARDCORE pre-workout! We made INCINR8 HARDCORE with the intention of helping people shed extra weight, lean up, and discover their best performance in the gym. FINAFLEX wanted to make a pre-workout that not only delivered insane results, but provided a great experience for our customers as well. INCINR8 HARDCORE comes in three fruity and delicious flavors, so there’s something for everyone! Try out Mango Madness, Sour Gummy, or Gnarly Grape! 

Bundles To Help You Start Losing Weight

AIf you’re unsure of where to start, we recommend trying out one of our EXCLUSIVE weight loss bundles. During our SPRING BUNDLE EVENT, you can try some of our best selling weight loss supplements curated special just for YOU. With these bundles, you can save up to +$100 on the best thermogenic supplements, pre-workouts, and weight loss aids. 

The Jumpstart Bundle
Are you just getting started on your weight loss journey? Or maybe you’re trying to maintain some of your weight loss progress? Well our new JUMPSTART BUNDLE is a perfect place to start. It combines our best selling PX Pro Xanthine, with its best friend, PX Ultra! Alternating between two thermogenic supplements is an amazing way to maximize your weight loss results. It keeps your body on its toes! 

This bundle includes PX, PX Ultra, and a convenient Pill Case to help you organize all of it, all for ONLY $49.95! That's saving over $10, PLUS you get a FREE PILL CASE!

The Level UP Bundle
Maybe you’re a little further along in your journey and you’re looking to amp things up a bit? This bundle includes PXPX HARDCORE and a convenient Pill Case to help you organize all of it, all for ONLY $49.95! Once again, the pill case is totally FREE on top of your $10 savings! PX HARDCORE is the perfect way to spice things up. It has the same amazing results as PX, but with an extra 80mg of caffeine to give you the boost you need to get going!

Once again, you’re saving $10 plus there’s a FREE PILL case. 

The Beach Body Bundle
Summertime is quickly approaching, and we want to help you get into the best shape of your life! This weight loss bundle includes all of the things that you need to shed fat and tone up this summer! It includes our best selling fat burner, PX Pro Xanthine, CLA, and our NEW PURE Carnitine (you pick your own flavor!)

The Spring Shred Bundle
Ready to shred? We put together the ultimate weight loss bundle for anyone who's ready to hit the gym, burn fat, and get in the best shape of their lives! We included our best selling fat burner, PX, our shredding oriented INCINR8 HARDCORE Pre-Workout, and our NEW Pure Carnitine. This trio is the perfect basis for all of your spring training. You save over $30 with this bundle, PLUS you get a FREE SHAKER CUP!

The Tasty Tone Up Bundle
Your favorite weight loss supplements also come in fruity drink mixes! This bundle is the perfect way to achieve your weight loss goals while feeling like you're drinking a tropical cocktail/juice! It includes our yummiest weight loss supplement drink mixes.Choose your own flavors of PX Powder and Pure Carnitine, and mix them up in your FREE SHAKER CUP, all while saving $10 on top of your free gift!

The ULTIMATE Weight Loss Bundle
This is what you’ve been waiting for, this is the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle! Are you SERIOUS about your weight loss results? If so, you NEED this exclusive bundle.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle has all of the tools you need to lose weight, burn fat, and fuel your training.* We packed all of our best sellers into this insane stack, so you could achieve maximized results. 

This bundle includes: 1 PX Pro Xanthine, 1 90 count CLA, 1 PURE CARNITINE (your flavor choice), 1 PX HARDCORE, 1 INCINR8 HARDCORE (your flavor choice).PLUS you get a FREE t-shirt (your size/style), a FREE Shaker Cup, and a FREE Pill Case!!!You're saving over $30 on just the product alone, not to mention the free merch!

What are you waiting for? Start shopping our SPRING BUNDLE EVENT NOW!

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