Which Pre-Workout Is Right For YOU?

So you’re looking for a new pre-workout? With so many on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate between all of the options and figure out which one suits your needs the best. FINAFLEX makes a wide variety of pre-workouts that are perfectly tailored for different needs and goals, meaning that there’s something for everyone in our catalog.

All of our pre-workouts are powered by our trademarked IRISIN XD formula. This unique component is only found in FINAFLEX products and is an absolute game changer during your workouts. Green tea leaf extract acts as a COMT inhibitor to maximize the effectiveness of the Cocao Seed Extract. The Cocao Seed Extract, when optimized in IRISIN XD, allows for improved airflow while exercising.

While IRISIN XD, gives all of our pre-workouts a unique edge, there’s a significant variance when it comes to the rest of the formulas. Keep reading to hear about the differences and benefits of all of our pre-workouts!

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The Best Pre-Workout?
Start With The Original

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STIMUL8 is available in 7 different flavors: Awesome Apple, Dreamsicle, Fresh Watermelon, Yummy Gummy Bear, Blue Raspberry, Gnarly Grape, and Fruit Punch!

A More Intense Pre-Workout: STIMUL8 HARDCORE

Maybe you’re ready for something a little bit more intense? Then you have to try out our HARDCORE line. STIMUL8 HARDCORE possesses a lot of the same benefits of the original STIMUL8, but we’ve amped it up a bit. There’s 350mg of caffeine to give you an additional boost of energy and keep your endurance up. Plus, there’s 3.9G of our unique pump matrix to maximize the effects of every rep. 


STIMUL8 HARDCORE comes in three delicious flavors for you to try: Sour Tsunami, Grape Escape, and Mango Madness. You simply shake up one scoop of this extreme super pre-workout with a glass of water 15-30 minutes before your workout and feel the effects start to kick in. 

The Best Pre-Workout For Weight Loss?

We made INCINR8 HARDCORE with the intention of helping people shed extra weight, lean up, and discover their best performance in and out of the gym. FINAFLEX wanted to make a pre-workout that not only delivered insane results, but provided a great experience for our customers as well. The fast-acting and extreme INCINR8 HARDCORE™ formula is powered by an exclusive blend of shredding and energy enhancing ingredients designed to deliver the energy and performance you need to blast through activities and get shredded! 

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