The Definitive Guide To Essential Amino Acids


FINAFLEX EAA HARDCORE—the essential amino acid formula that FINAFLEX fans have been asking for—is here! FINAFLEX EAA HARDCORE is the result of years of research, and it’s the ultimate solution to your daily essential amino acid needs, from muscle recovery to fast-burning fuel and endurance support. We don’t say this lightly, but if you’re not using EAA HARDCORE right now, you need to start! Learn everything there is to know about essential amino acids with this definitive guide!

Benefits Of Essential Amino Acids

A lot of research has been done about how essential amino acids, often referred to simply as EAA's, can improve health and fitness. Here are just a few points that you should know about: EAA's enhance lean muscle growth. By adding essential amino acids into your daily diet, you’ll be able to build more muscle in less time. 


FINAFLEX EAA HARDCORE gives you more energy during your workouts. With an increased amount of amino acids in your body, you’ll have more stamina and endurance while at the gym. This is going to help keep your motivation up so that you can work out longer and harder with greater efficiency. EAA's also minimize muscle loss for a tighter body with less fat deposits! With essential amino acids in play, you’ll be able to lose fat without losing muscle mass or feeling lethargic like normal dieting alone can cause.

Why YOU Need Essential Amino Acids

There are a million reasons why you need essential amino acids. I’ll list two: A) because they’re awesome and B) because they can help you build muscle faster, recover faster, and have more energy during your workouts. If that sounds good to you then keep reading my friend... Your body uses essential amino acids to build new proteins or repair old ones. The word essential means these aminos must come from food sources since our bodies cannot produce them. This is not just important for athletes; these substances are important for everyone, especially anyone interested in bodybuilding, CrossFit, running, or anything else HARDCORE! So if you don’t eat enough protein-rich foods each day (or just want to get an extra boost of amino acids), consider taking one of our FINAFLEX EAA Hardcore supplements before your workout!


If you’re ready to step up your amino acid game, we recommend trying FINAFLEX EAA HARDCORE. The proprietary blend of essential amino acids and our unique cutting matrix helps optimize recovery and keeps you lean while building muscle. For maximum results, take EAA HARDCORE immediately before or during intense physical activity. You won't believe the pump, energy, and endurance that you get! But don’t just take our word for it; try it for yourself. BUY IT HERE!