The Power Of IRISIN XD 

When formulating IRISIN XD, we wanted to find a formula that would help everyone, no matter what their specific fitness goals may be. IRISIN XD has a wide variety of benefits that can be useful for weight lifting, cardio, or any other type of gym session. 


IRISIN XD is the name of our unique formula included in many of our sports supplements. In short, its purpose is to enhance your workout by increasing dopamine retention, improving oxygen circulation, and holistically improving your exercise experience. It’s comprised of two main components: Green Tea Leaf Extract and Cocao Seed Extract. These two ingredients have amazing benefits on their own, but also work together to create a spectacular effect. 

The Science Behind IRISIN XD

IRISIN XD is our unique blend of Green Tea Leaf Extract and Cocao Seed Extract. When the two combine, an enzymatic reaction occurs. When the body receives the Cocao Seed Extract, the body elicits a COM2 reaction that immediately tries to break down the extract and eliminate it. In the reaction triggered by IRISIN XD, the Green Tea Leaf Extract works as a COMT inhibitor. It protects the Cocao Seed Extract from the COM2 reaction attempting to break it down. This allows the benefits of the Cocao Seed Extract to be enhanced and prolonged. 

The Benefits Of IRISIN XD

Because the Green Tea Leaf Extract is protecting the Cocao Seed Extract, we can see a few things start to happen in the body. First off, the beta-2-agonists in the Cocao can work their magic. Beta-2-agonists provide dopamine, a neurotransmitter that enhances feelings of motivation, pleasure, and other positive emotions. Dopamine is an amazing asset for any workout because it can assist with endurance, attitude, and enhance your overall gym experience. We know that a happy workout is an effective workout, so every little boost helps. 

Another benefit of these beta-2-agonists is their effect on the respiratory system. During this effect, the muscle linings to your airways are relaxed. This allows you to take in more air with every breath. This increased air intake is an incredible addition to any cardio workout. You might find that you can go even longer or even harder without becoming winded as quickly.

A third benefit of IRISIN XD is its effect on your blood vessels. The aforementioned beta-2-agonists help your blood vessels to expand. This expansion encourages blood flow, allowing for better oxygen circulation. This can be a massive advantage when engaging in any sort of weight lifting or other traditional strength training. 


You may have noticed that IRISIN XD is on a lot of our products, it’s one of our more common formula additions. This is because it’s so universally beneficial. It doesn’t just serve one goal, it serves almost every goal. If you’re trying to lose weight or shed fat, IRISIN XD can help you power through more cardio sessions and drop some of those extra pounds. If you’re trying to build muscle and get jacked, it helps you go even harder with your weight training. No matter what your goals in the gym are, we want you to get the most out of every workout with IRISIN XD. 

What Products Are IRISIN XD IN? 

We include IRISIN XD in a wide variety of sports supplements. It can be found in all of our pre-workout supplement powders and all of our thermogenic supplements.

What Makes Our Products Better

Our IRISIN XD blend is super effective, but it’s made even more so by our incredible quality control procedures. All of the FINAFLEX supplements that include IRISIN XD are produced by us in our 3rd Party GMP Certified Facility. Whether it’s our best selling pre-workout STIMUL8, our best selling weight loss supplement PX, or one of our HARDCORE series products such as INCINR8 HARDCORE, it passes through ultra-strict testing to ensure it’s quality matches up to our high standards.