Finaflex Appears To Have Partnered With MoonPie For An Undoubtedly Delicious Product

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Hand is holding box Power Pie

It looks as though something big is about to happen with the sports nutrition and functional food brand Finaflex and the legendary snack MoonPie. Finaflex has shared a teaser that not only suggests it is partnering with the delicious marshmallow-filled MoonPie, but that the brand is about to come out with an entirely new and undoubtedly mouth-watering protein treat.

Finaflex was known for its supplements like the pre-workout Stimul8 and PX fat-burners, although a few years back, it came out with the Oatmeal Protein Pie and became a hit in the functional food space. The incredibly unique and enjoyable product is a high-protein spin on the classic oatmeal cookie pie, which was eventually followed by another creative item in Protein Cream Cake.

Finaflex now appears to be collaborating with the one and only MoonPie for what we presume is the tasty-looking product in the picture up top. The item in the image looks to be a pair of MoonPies, and it is headlined by the words “Finaflex x MoonPie”. The brand is also throwing out the name Power Pie, which we’re guessing is what Finaflex and MoonPie have created and is the food in the picture.

Chocolaye pies

Rounding up all of the hints, clues, and details, we suspect Finaflex has teamed up with MoonPie to create a protein-packed version of the classic chocolate, graham cookie, and marshmallow treat named Power Pie, and is likely coming in traditional flavors like Chocolate and Vanilla.

While we could be way off with our guess at Finaflex and MoonPie’s collaboration, we’re confident most of our suspicions are correct. If the product does turn out to be what we think, it’ll be one to get your hands on. We already know Finaflex can make tasty protein snacks, but combined with a mainstream food like MoonPie, it could be unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Girl is holding box with Power Pie

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